7 Seater SUV 2014: An Overview

The 2013 Lexus RX 350 is one of the best options for a 7 seater SUV on the market today. It received the ranking of 2 out of 19 luxury midsized SUVs and is one of the best SUVs 2014 for seven passengers on the market currently. But what are some of the features it boasts that makes it one of the top ranked SUVs?

Standard Luxuries

This model comes standard with a six-speed transmission and a 3.5-liter engine that provides powerful driving, though due to its size, you won’t beat anyone right out of the gate. Since that isn’t a typical feature most buyers seek in large SUVs, it hardly detracts from this model’s overall merit. As far as large SUVs run, it incorporates the right amount of luxury and standard features to balance its size.

Lexus RX 350

The Lexus RX 350 comes in three models—front-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, and in the F Sport trim, all-wheel drive is a standard. Other inclusive features are a push-button start and powered rear lift gate. All models come with Bluetooth and wireless connectivity capabilities. Upgrade options such as two different sound system choices and a blind-spot camera, as well as a hybrid variant, are available.

Those shopping for good SUVs will be pleased with the attractive, spacious, and comfortable interior. With a velvet smooth ride and uncomplicated handling, this model offers families plenty of encouragement to relax and enjoy the journey.

Luxury SUV 2014

Measuring Up

Customers who test-drove this model also recommended the well-ranked Acura MDX. If you are shopping for 7 passenger SUVs, this is also a great option. As well, the Lexus RX, though designed with a small interior, received top marks for reliability, and is one of the only models in its class to incorporate a V-8 engine as a standard feature.

* LUXURYWhen comparing luxury SUVs, especially if you are shopping for an SUV with 3rd row seating, the Acura MDX has several drawbacks that are likely to become irritating, though they are not glaring shortcomings. The high-tech dashboard display is likely to be confusing, according to other customer reviews, and its fuel economy is mediocre at best. The Infinity FX draws negative customer feedback based on its small cargo space and cramped back seat. As well, drivers noted that the “sport” setting delivered a decidedly harsh ride.

Overall, the Lexus RX 350 drew only the mild criticism that it wasn’t especially sporty, though it performed well. But in regards to all other aspects of performance and attribute, this model is at home in the Winner’s Circle. It offers everything shoppers with an eye to space and reliability are seeking, without any of the drawbacks associated with comparable models.

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